Let’s Get To Business

Given a choice, most consumers would buy the beautiful and creative object rather than the boring and ugly one. People prefer amazing quality service to cheap and rigid store management.

Yet, we still live in a world full of bad design and bad marketing…

As a designer trained in analyzing consumer psychology, I offer you a very new way to look at the problem of creating fresh products and services.

Understanding consumer psychology has been my focus during all my career. I can help you target what are your client’s expectations, needs and desires. As an industrial designer specialized in knowing what’s inside a client’s mind, I come in handy when the client asks for more than what we could expect. Now and then, business driven people just need a little bit of magic to make the difference in a very crowded market. They might need a polyvalent creative mind to solve basic marketing problems, create new services and products or just add a little bit of imagination to a rigid business model.

Considering today’s consumer is very conscious of the large amount of products available online, one may wonder how a company can make its mark. After years of studying the psyche of consumers, I have concluded that a big number of clients are more and more anxious. There is too much choice. Consumers buy themselves a lifestyle and an identity. They need help believing a brand can be trusted. They need some creative input to identify a company and feel like the brand is robust…