Why I Create

As a creator, I touch design, visual arts and writing. I create because I feel like it. I create because I need to express myself.

Every day comes with new ideas, new projects and challenges I want to face. How can I improve the design of this object? Can I paint the pictures I see in my dreams? How will I make a reader enthousiastic about a topic dear to my heart? 

My goal is to stimulate adaptation. I want to be part of the creative world of inventors and dreamers. I want to stimulate people’s imagination and push them towards a better future.

I create because I love it. I create because I don’t know how not to…


Born in Quebec, Canada, in 1987, I have an Industrial design techniques diploma (CEGEP de Sainte-Foy, 2009) and a Consumer sciences certificate (Laval University, 2010). I am also a self-trained painter and writer. I am very interested by irrational human behavior and consumer psychology,